How We Work

“Hello!” – Every conversation starts with “Hello, how can we help you?” We say it every day, it’s simple, and we take it seriously. That question set us up for what we call Step One: Discovery.

Step One: Discovery

The process of discovery begins by finding out all of your needs, objectives, goals and concerns. What we begin with a “Hello!”, we aim to develop into a long, long relationship.

Step Two: Development

Based on all that we learn in discovery, our team develops a proposal of services and solutions that address your needs, objectives, goals and concerns. During the development process we estimate time and costs so that redundancy is at its minimum. Once the project is approved we move to the third step, implementation.

Step Three: Implementation

We set off the implementation plan with rolling out the plans and getting to work! Our project managers will proactively communicate and provide progress reports in the format and frequency that you are most comfortable either daily, weekly, or monthly. The way you need it, is the way we structure it.

Step Four: Review

Whether it’s a milestone in a long term contract or the completion of a project, the review process includes reports with relevant data and a team meeting to see what was accomplished and what needs to be done to maintain the successful results.