About Us



“Creativity is a wild mind with a disciplined eye” – Dorothy Parker

Saevah is where novel ideas resonate with motivation, dedication, and collaboration. We are a happy family of talented, unique individuals whose passion for excellence and perfection radiates as quality results. 

Our Story

Seva or saevah is a Sanskrit word that means "selfless service". In Ancient India, Seva was mandatory for each student of the gurukul, an ancient schooling system, and they were obliged to perform selflessly for the society. They believed it helped one grow spiritually and at the same time contributed to the development of the community. Following these ideals of developing oneself with the community at large, Saevah is a highly motivated family which prides itself in providing creative solutions throughout many digital platforms. Our office, based in heritage city of Udaipur, surrounded by lakes, gives us a calm and serene environment to create more out of less. Our team comprises of business, science, and art majors, designers and programmers; just like a family of many who love what they do and are definitely very good at it.

For more than a decade now, we have been servicing a group of clients across the United States. We have been handling most of the facets of their e-commerce store management and are now expanding our operations to offer micro-task based products and a digital workforce.

The Peacock in the Center – Our Logo

The peacock, the national bird of India, represents integrity. A vehicle for the god of philosophy and wisdom in India, the peacock symbolizes elegance, vibrancy, vitality and rejuvenation. The peacock sits perfectly at the center of our company as we feel these same values reflect our team's integrity, youthfulness, energy, talent, and creativity.

Our Mission

Saevah is service, and we aim to be there for you, day in and day out, not just as a corporate support system, but as a friend, motivator, coach and trusted adviser. Our goal is always aligned with yours and we are here to make your business a success story. We believe in continuing progress, working hard until good is better and the better is the best!

Why Outsource?

In today's ever-changing world, outsourcing to a different time zone keeps the continuity going. We as customers want everything here and now and as providers we are expected to deliver that. Keeping that in mind, our solutions and time zones complement the work hours and offer a continuity of service to the end users. So when you are enjoying a wonderful sleep, we are there to handle your tasks at the drop of a hat.