Thinking of Outsourcing? India vs. China

In today’s very competitive business market, everyone is looking for an edge. That edge can include outsourcing some of your mundane or everyday business activities. The key is to find an outsourcing partner that is experienced, creative, and most importantly efficient. When looking overseas, two of the major players are India and China. Both have advantages, but there are a few that tip the scales in India’s favor. Duke University’s Offshore Research Network points to outsourcing to India and China based on low-cost, a vast talent pool, and expertise among many factors. For instance, IT companies looking for an outsourcing partner emphasize language requirements and a co-location with a business process facility.

For management skills, India is far superior and possesses strong project management skills while investing in middle management capabilities. It is these skills that allow you to have complete faith in your Indian outsourcing partner, such as Saevah. Having a well-trained workforce as well as a properly motivated management creates a recipe for success!!

Another advantage India holds over China is in English proficiency. While in India the official language might be Hindi, the language of business in India is English. India has approximately 232 million English-speaking people compared to just 10 million for China. It’s this familiarity with the English language that elevates India above and beyond China. Also when it comes to necessary requirements for analysis, business process design, or use case development, analysts show China lagging behind India. This is due to India’s years of investment and training.

Companies looking to outsource some of their business needs can be concerned with transparency. In a recent survey, 85% of outsourcing customers were concerned over China’s inscrutability. Leading outsourcers in India, such as Saevah, encourage transparency with all their customers. This truth and honesty is what separates the reliable outsourcing companies and those who are not!!

Try India!! Kick the tires, take us for a test drive, we are 100% positive you will love what you see!!

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